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Innovation Zone School #8 believes all students can learn and excel in an academically rich environment that has established high academic and citizenship standards of achievement.  We will provide learning experiences that will address our cultural and ethnic diversity by inspiring all students to maximize their potential while learning to appreciate our cultural diversity. We will provide a safe environment where students, staff and community feel connected and individually valued.



The Mission of the Paterson Public School Innovation Zone School Number 8 and its stakeholders, which is inclusive of parents, students, district and school staff, institutions of higher education, business and community partners, is to become leaders in the effective and thorough education of all students. 

This mission is rooted in the core belief that making excuses is not an option; that all children can and will learn; that teachers will work towards the improvement of the academic skills of students; increased effective and differentiated instruction that is research-based will make students more productive in school and global economy; and that School #8 will utilize a variety of teaching strategies and best practices that will best meet the learning styles of the students.

Education at school #8 will take place in an environment which is innovative, challenging, caring and trusting.  School #8 Community is cognizant and proud of its diversity and commitment to equity. It shares a passion for quality, a desire to excel, and a spirit of team work. The administration, staff and personnel is responsible and accountable to students, parents and the community for providing a quality education and services which meet the requirements of the New Jersey Department of Education Core Standards and Innovation Zone School expectations. 

Innovation Zone School #8 shares the common purpose of improving the future of our student population. Academic achievement, positive self-esteem and preparedness for a productive and responsible citizenship are the real test for our students’ success.